Islamic Gifts With a Personal Touch

Islamic gifts are the perfect way to show your affection and demonstrate how much they mean to you. Not only will these thoughtful presents show them you care, but they’ll help them practice their religion more meaningfully as well.

Charity is an essential aspect of spiritual living. Daan or giving is central to Indian scriptures.

Surah Books

The Quran is the primary religious text for Muslims. Divided into 114 chapters or surahs of varying length, Muslims believe this religious text cannot have been altered through human interference.

This book explores the major themes and key messages found within each surah, while delving deeper into literary and linguistic aspects of each chapter. Created with Muslim kids in mind, this book makes understanding the teachings of the Quran easier by using stories and creative illustrations to explain passages – making this an ideal present for children of all ages!

Quran Pin

Elegant and fashionable, this pin is the ideal way to show your loved one that you are thinking about them and reminding them about the Quran. Not only will this unique gift serve as a constant reminder, but will hopefully encourage more frequent reading sessions of this divine book.

No matter their age or level of Arabic fluency, this remarkable technological advance will enhance their reading and learning experience with the Quran. Wear it on clothing or place it in the bedroom or living room – the choice is yours!

Inspirational Islamic Quotes

Make life richer with inspiring Islamic quotes to encourage peace, spirituality and personal development. These words of wisdom will illuminate your understanding of Islam while sparking positive change within society.

Discover Islamic belief in hope and optimism through this quote, which emphasizes the significance of trusting Allah even during difficult times. Additionally, this verse reinforces the message that hardship often leads to relief.

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Get behind the teachings of Islam regarding relationships by adopting this quote that emphasizes kindness and compassion in all interactions, as well as forgiveness – two virtues highly prized in Islam.

Antique Swords & Shields

Antique swords are highly prized for their stunning hilt designs that signify both military rank and social class. Additionally, many blades feature short enough handles to easily transport–for instance hunting swords that were created specifically to kill bears and wolves.

Antique weapons make interesting decorative pieces, like this blue steel sword cane from M.S. Rau. At first glance, it may look like an ordinary walking stick, but pulling on its handle reveals an amazing steel long sword featuring diamonds and enamel adornments on its curved blade.


Oud is an alluring scent with magical powers that seduce and seduce its beholders. It can be sweet floral and vanillic, yet also smokey, musky and leathery in character.

As part of Arabic and oriental celebrations and ceremonies, this flower is used to bring good luck, attract love, and drive away negative energy. Additionally, its fragrance makes it highly desired perfume ingredient.

Agarwood or oud is the fragrant dark resin produced by trees of the Aquilaria genus found throughout Southeast Asia. Oud can be found as oil, incense and small carvings – hence its high price point.

Poetry Collections

Poetry collections differ from novels or short stories in that they contain individual poems rather than one long piece, from as few as a handful to hundreds.

An effective poetry collection should have some kind of developmental arc to guide its readership through it. For example, you might choose to group poems together using colors or images they all share as unifying threads.

Ending a collection on an impressive note is also key; readers often recall the last poem as being memorable, so it must leave an impactful impression.


Keffiyehs are traditional Palestinian scarves worn by men. Made famous by T. E. Lawrence during his involvement in Arab Revolt, many men began wearing one as well. Lawrence of Arabia made this trend widely recognized.

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Donate a keffiyeh as an expression of your appreciation for their heritage and culture, while at the same time keeping warm during winter. Additionally, give a special Islamic planner that blends organization with spirituality – such planners often contain sections for daily prayers, Quran reflections and gratitude which will allow your friends to keep track of their goals and personal development.

Reflection Cards

No matter their faith or background, anyone who appreciates beautiful artwork and profound symbolism will cherish these exquisite Islamic art gifts from Zane & Noora. These pieces make the ideal way to connect with others while forging lasting bonds that will endure over time.

Gifts of the Sultan is an exhibition exploring the subtleties of gift exchange. Ranging from personal offerings of religious devotion to diplomatic offerings, Gifts of the Sultan traces Muslim art’s complex history through its gift-giving practice. Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, it opens at LACMA before touring to MFAH for its closing exhibit.

Woodlock Stamps

Islamic wall art can add an elegant touch to any room and serve as a constant reminder to start the day with prayer and Allah’s blessings.

Dua books make an ideal personalized present for Muslims of any faith, as they can be personalized with their name and dedication message.

Keffiyehs are iconic Islamic accessories that can easily complement various outfits. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, they make for great presents for Muslim men who seek confidence as well as style!

Coffee Jars

Gifts with personal significance have an especially deep-seated meaning. A personalized calendar or book can help Muslim men stay on time with daily schedules, while an inscribed Quran speaker provides another wonderful combination of faith with modern technology.

Hadith books make a thoughtful and educational present for those interested in Islam. A scented candle craft set can also provide stylish yet creative decor solutions; while dates provide delicious and healthy Ramadan treats.