Islamic Gifts With a Personal Touch

The Art of Giving Islamic Gifts with a Personal Touch

An Islamic gift personalized specifically to their name can be an excellent way to show how much you care about their religious community. Get their picture transformed into an art print or commission some custom metalwork made just for them!

Islamic wall clocks make attractive decorative pieces while keeping your friends on time for prayer. You could also gift them traditional Tasbih prayer beads to keep track of their Dhikr counts.

2. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art adds an air of spaciousness and profundity to any house, apartment or office when coupled with furniture and lights that reflect its splendor. They can also serve to decorate any room of the home; some versions even feature verses specific for certain spaces such as “Alhamdulillah for dining rooms and “Tawakaltu Allah” in children’s bedrooms!

Islamic home decor has long been a source of inspiration in people’s daily lives. A poster or piece of framed Islamic art depicting the Basmalah can serve as an annual reminder to start each day invoking Allah.

3. Keffiyeh

Keffiyehs are gender-neutral checkered scarves with multiple patterns and colors depending on their region of origin, providing many benefits such as protection from dust and sand when traveling through desert areas.

It first gained fame during the Arab Revolt of 1936 when resistance fighters used it to conceal their identities from British soldiers. Later it was popularized by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat who often draped it around his head.

Today, it has become an iconic symbol of Palestine and worn by its people, but is also used as a fashion accessory by non-Arabs without regard to political or historical connotations.

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4. Reflection Cards

Personalised Islamic gifts are an ideal way of showing someone you care. From prayer mats and books of surahs, to bookmarks with special message inside them – personalized Islamic presents will certainly show someone their thoughtfulness!

Pace Center for Civic Engagement offers Reflection Cards as part of their service in Frist Campus Center. If your group would like to borrow them, contact Sara Gruppo who can arrange it. These cards feature questions that encourage reflection on trust within relationships.

5. Woodlock Stamps

Wood stamps represent classic craftsmanship at its best in an age when technology often outshines handmade artistry. Hand carved wooden stamps like those manufactured by DesiCrafts represent classic craftsmanship at its best, perfect for use in various creative projects such as cards and gift bags, paper decorating or fabrics decorating. In order to make an impression using stamped impressions, artisans first carve desired patterns into blocks before inking it and pressing onto surfaces for lasting high-quality prints – each DesiCrafts wooden stamp uses eco-friendly wood.

6. Quran Pin

Sleek and stylish, this metallic Quran bookmark features the beloved Noble Quran calligraphic emblem as its head. Softer on pages than traditional paper spines, it will encourage your loved one to read more from this holy text.

Integrate your smartphone with the Quran App to take advantage of its benefits without taking up physical space! Read 70+ translations & Tafsirs, listen to multiple recitations in multiple languages, bookmark ayahs for later reference, and bookmark verses that interest you for easy viewing!

7. Books of Surahs

Muslim men love religious poetry, so gifts like this special Dua book with 101 short ayats will surely be appreciated. With clear layouts that aid memorization, plus Fadaa’il (benefits) listed after each dua, it makes the perfect present!

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According to tradition, anyone who recites this Surah will have their sins forgiven and be counted amongst the friends of the Holy Prophet (S). Additionally, keeping this Surah on one’s bed acts as a remedy from any bodily aches.


Islam places great value on justice in all matters, including gift-giving. Any presents should be distributed equally among family members without favoring one over the other.

Your family will surely appreciate a set of Islamic bookmarks as a thoughtful gift! These useful items will remind them where they left off in their book or Quran, marking important pages as you go along. Among the earliest bookmarks were found in Coptic codices and Carolingian manuscripts made of ribbon or silk fabric – an amazing way to show your care!

9. Keffiyeh Kit

Keffiyehs are an unforgettable souvenir from the Middle East and are perfect gifts for those who are passionate about its history, culture, or architecture. There are numerous colors and patterns available.

As worldwide demonstrations were organized in support of Palestinians during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrations often included wearing the keffiyeh as a sign of solidarity – but does appropriating such symbols diminish their cultural meaning?

Shemaghs are popular accessories among both men and women living in desert Middle Eastern environments to protect themselves from the sun, sand and sweat or to prevent cold temperatures from setting in.

10. Collage Picture Frame

Picture frames are an effective way of showcasing memories in any space and adding a personal touch to any room, not to mention making thoughtful gifts for friends and family members.

When purchasing a photo frame, take into account both its size and style. Aim for something with contemporary lines that matches existing decor in the room; ensure it is easy and durable for everyday use; ensure there is mounting hardware included so installation will go smoothly; additionally it would be beneficial if there was some sort of guarantee or money-back guarantee available with it if available.