Islamic Gifts With a Personal Touch

The Art of Giving Islamic Gifts with a Personal Touch

Muslims appreciate gifts that show they care by being unique and personalized to them. Muslims want to know you have taken time and care in finding an item to show how much you care.

Islamic gifts adorned with Arabic calligraphy are an exquisite way to show someone how much you care and value them. From personalized photographs to handmade Arabic metalwork, these special presents strengthen relationships while simultaneously encouraging spirituality and heritage pride.

CD of Traditional Arabic Music

Arab world music embodies a complex cultural tapestry. Over centuries of indigenous and nomadic tradition has produced a range of regional styles; globalization presents these local musical cultures with new challenges and opportunities. From Anouar Brahem’s lute playing to Umm Kulthum’s metered melodies – traditional Arabic world music spans across North Africa to Levant and back again.

Up until recently, most recorded Arabic world music had been produced using Western instruments like piano and violin. But due to world music’s surge in popularity, traditional Arabic instruments and performers now enjoy greater visibility within contemporary world music scenes – such as the qanun, Egyptian harp called zither (aka the Egyptian Zither), Ney and Riq. These have all become integral components of world music’s contemporary repertoire.

Some musicians have taken steps to preserve and reinterpret traditional Arabic music for contemporary audiences. One such group, founded by Moroccan composer and musician Farid Al-Attrach, are The Master Musicians of Jajouka. Their music features distinctive, recognizable musical phrases known as maqams that use seven-tone scales arranged into distinct maqams that include tones that may sound “out of tune” when measured against equal-tempered tuning systems used on Western instruments.

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Kazem El-Saher of Iraqi is another major force in contemporary Arabic world music, performing songs in Modern Standard Arabic with romantic, political, and patriotic lyrics that often express his affection for his home nation.

Islamic Wall Hangings

Islamic wall art is an excellent way to add some beauty and meaning to your home decor. There is an assortment of Islamic art styles available, ranging from traditional Arabic calligraphy designs to more minimalist modern pieces – these pieces make ideal gifts for Muslims of any denomination as well as anyone who appreciates beautiful artwork with meaningful meaning.

Islamic calligraphy is an integral part of Muslim culture and can be found everywhere from handwritten copies of the Quran to mesmerizing minarets. With its simple designs emboldened by metallic glint, Islamic calligraphy adds an air of luxury and decadence to any space it graces. Kufic is an extremely popular form of Islamic calligraphy dating back to between the 7th and 10th centuries; its bold geometric forms pair beautifully with modern interior design, making Kufic a sought-after choice among Islamic artists today.

Canvas painting is another form of Islamic wall art. Originating in Iran and spreading worldwide along with Islam, various techniques were employed when painting these pictures including watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. Nowadays this form of Islamic art remains highly sought-after amongst Muslims as it combines beauty with spiritual meaning – making an excellent addition to living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms alike.

Handmade Towels

Villagers in Khorashad have been weaving beautiful towels by hand for generations. Utilizing handmade instruments and natural dyes, these eco-friendly textiles have lower energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to industrially produced towels elsewhere in the country. Perfect as gifts for anyone in need of new bath, hand, and wash cloth sets or travelling abroad!

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Islamic Bookmarks

Islamic bookmarks make a thoughtful present for anyone reading religious books such as the Quran, Hadith or other texts. Crafted of magnet material with a distinctive design to easily find where one was left off when last opening their book, Islamic bookmarks also come packaged in an attractive gift box making them the ideal present.

Muslim men love giving gifts as a gesture of affection and appreciation for friends and family members, so giving personalised Islamic presents may be a wonderful way to show you care. A dua book makes an excellent present that allows the recipient to keep track of his daily prayers for forgiveness, guidance and protection.

Personalised prayer mats make the ideal present for any Muslim man, helping him remember to keep their commitment to Allah daily. You can create one to fit his personal taste or design one yourself! There’s plenty of colors and designs to choose from too – perfect!