Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

When selecting gifts for Muslim friends and family members, it’s essential to recognize their culture and traditions. A Quran can make a thoughtful present for Muslims worldwide.

An informative book on Islamic history or bio of an influential Muslim can also make a thoughtful present.

Car Mirror Hanging

Car mirror hangings are an easy and stylish way to add personality and spirituality to your car. Available in various styles, designs and colours with custom message or text options that you select; some even allow for personalisation with names or dates!

Many Muslims enjoy giving gifts that are both functional and pleasing to the eye, such as car mirror hangers. One popular present among them is an ornament that attaches to the rear view mirror with Islamic writing such as 99 names of Allah or dua for travelling on it.

Another option for gifts would be healing crystal car charms made from rose quartz and amethyst crystals that promote love, connection, self-worth, balance, intuition, and spirituality. Such gifts would make an excellent way of showing someone some extra spiritual guidance or encouragement; additionally, it makes a wonderful gesture of your affection towards loved ones or showing appreciation. Also great for non-Muslim friends struggling with their faith or recently converted to Islam!

Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic prayer beads (commonly referred to as misbaha or tasbeeh) make an elegant and thoughtful present for any Muslim man. Like their Catholic counterpart, these prayer beads serve as an aid during meditation sessions when reciting Allah’s 99 names or in other forms of prayer recitations; furthermore they make for an elegant keepsake to pass down through generations.

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Muslim prayer beads come in all sorts of designs ranging from plastic ones to those intricately carved out of hardwood and precious stones. Most have the same basic layout: 99 beads in three groups of 33 with divider beads between and tasseled string to mark start and end points on their strand.

Personalized Islamic gifts like prayer beads can be an amazing way to show your affection and appreciation for another. Affirm the significance of faith by reminding them how it guides their daily life. You could even give an Islamic present such as a Quran stand so they can keep their sacred book prominently displayed for easier reading.

Hajj and Umrah Gifts

If someone you know has just returned from Hajj or Umrah, it’s a wonderful idea to surprise them with something meaningful as a gesture of your welcome home. Perhaps something sweet or something to help remember their trip would do.

An Umrah/Hajj Mubarak wish stand can also help them pray more regularly while serving as a reminder of all they earned during their travels. Finally, prayer mats provide an effective means of encouraging regular prayers while serving as reminders of all they accomplished on their travels.

Another nice present might include homemade or bakery-bought Hajj/Umrah themed cupcakes or cookies, personalized candle sets with their name inscribed and other thoughtful items designed to make people feel loved during this holy journey.

Islamic Art and Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy is an ancient visual art that emerged with Islam and Arabic language. It differs from hand lettering or scripts which illustrate letters instead of displaying them; Islamic calligraphy requires practice to master its intricate techniques and skills.

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Islamic art stands in stark contrast to its Western counterpart in that it features nature, geometry and abstraction as part of its spiritual and monotheist foundations.

Calligraphy in Islam is unique because it incorporates geometrical designs known as arabesques into its calligraphy, representing God as all-pervasive and all-embracing. Calligraphy was used on all forms of Islamic art from decorative objects and buildings to Qur’ans; Muslims all over the world highly value this skill and using Islamic calligraphy sets is a way of showing your appreciation. Giving one as a gift shows your devotion.

Books on Islamic History

No matter the occasion or the recipient, there are countless excellent Islamic history books out there for both you and others to choose from. Many of these titles explore the rise of Islamic civilization while challenging stereotypes while providing readers with insight into Muslim achievements in philosophy, science, medicine, literature and art.

Hillenbrand’s prose is engaging and well-organized; as the foremost expert on Islamic art in Britain. Hillenbrand covers topics including architecture, manuscripts and decorative arts – as well as covering major regions and dynasties with equal coverage.

Published in early 1975, this three-volume study illustrated with maps and charts details the development of Islamic civilization from before Muhammad PBUH was born until mid-20th century. Furthermore, he explores Muslim societies in Western countries as well as how Islam, Christianity and Judaism coexisted coexisted peacefully while borrowing language and art from each other.