Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

Gift-giving has an integral place in many cultures and religions, including Islam. It can express love and appreciation while strengthening bonds.

Islamic gifts should represent the values and teachings of their faith, from something as simple as an inscribed Quranic verse on jewelry to more elaborate offerings such as artwork.

Beads Tasbih

Misbaha or Tasbih beads are often used as an aid during Dhikr, the act of praying praises to God. Made of wood and generally consisting of 99 regular-sized beads strung on a thread with separator beads for three sets of 33 beads each, other types of misbaha beads include olive seeds, onyx, pearls and semi-precious stones like carnelian or amber for use as misbaha tasbihs.

Dhikr is a form of devotion in which practitioners repeat a phrase aloud or in their minds while passing their thumb over each of 33 beads, usually “Allahu Akbar”, “Alhamdulilah”, and “Subhan Allah”, saying or thinking these three phrases over each set. Eventually these three sets will all have been covered.

No matter if you’re shopping for Islamic gifts or simply trying to relax and focus, tasbih sets make an excellent way to do both. Available at Bellamysworld in a range of styles, colors and sizes for every Muslim jewelry collection imaginable – and make an equally thoughtful and meaningful present for Eid, weddings, birthdays or father’s day as an Eid gift or decorative accent in your own home!

Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art adds an air of religious elegance to any home decor. They can serve as focal points or serve as the background for other decor pieces, drawing the eye toward specific features or pieces such as wood hamsa designs, calligraphy scenes or pictorial scenes – creating an unforgettable look in any room! Islamic wall decor comes in various styles and materials including wood. You can mix-and-match different forms of Islamic wall art for an entirely unique look in your space.

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Islamic wall art can add beauty and inspiration to any room, reminding your loved ones of Allah’s guidance as well as reminding them of their faith and the courage of their ancestors. Islamic wall decor makes an excellent present for Eid, Ramadan or Muslim weddings.

Are you searching for an Islamic gift that combines beauty and inspiration? Look no further than our exquisite Solid Wood Hamsa Allah Wall Art, featuring the Arabic word for “Allah” written out beautifully in calligraphy style. Crafted from high-grade solid wood for maximum luxury look; comes complete with nail for easy installation; an ideal present for anyone who appreciates Islamic calligraphy art or Quran art!

Islamic Books

As many Muslims find religious poetry appealing, giving a selection of Islamic poems is an excellent way to show your affection and show appreciation. Additionally, inspirational cards featuring religious quotes would also make an excellent present idea.

Muslim literature can be an effective means of familiarizing non-Muslims with key aspects of Islam and its history. Reading biographies on Muhammad or one of his companions – or any historical Muslim figure can be both informative and enjoyable.

Additionally, reading about Islam and global politics can be both informative and thought-provoking. Author Reza Aslan provides an accessible introduction to the faith by exploring both its past and future implications in global politics and society today.

Most non-Muslims are unaware that Islamic scripture extends beyond the Quran. There is also an extensive collection of words and deeds attributed to Muhammad by later authors; scholars debate their authenticity just like Christians do over Matthew, Mark, Luke and John’s accuracy.

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Islamic Calligraphy Artwork

Islamic calligraphy has long been an expression of religious and cultural traditions. The letters in Islamic calligraphy follow specific mathematical proportions, creating aesthetic and symbolic value for each letter shaped according to them. Furthermore, verses from the Quran and Sufi teachings often feature in calligraphic compositions giving their artworks spiritual depth.

This intersection between artistic and textual meaning has inspired a new generation of artists to rethink Islamic art’s purpose. Many are giving traditional forms a contemporary edge by adding geometrical patterns or other free-form elements into traditional Arabic letters’ flowing lines and elegant elegance – creating beautiful artworks as a result.

Salma Arastu is one such artist, who has taken her artwork beyond sketchbook to canvas. After fleeing Pakistan during mob violence between Muslims and Hindus in 1947, her family settled in India where Salma then converted to Islam and learned how to read the Quran by heart reciting its verses – becoming mesmerised by their beauty and grace.

While Arastu admits to being inspired by the work of contemporary calligraphers who employ various styles and techniques, her inspiration also stems from ancient motifs and Arabic script, which she views as beautiful writing itself derived from Greek roots. Arastu’s works pay homage to her faith as passed down through generations as well as those who have made sacrifices for it.