Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

Inspiring Islamic Gifts That Reflect Faith and Love

Gift-giving has long been an integral part of culture and religion – this includes Islam. When selecting gifts for Muslim friends or family members, look for items which both look beautiful while reflecting their spiritual beliefs and cultural background.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. Qur’an

From tales that uphold moral instruction and calm the spirit to prayers that provide spiritual comfort, the Qur’an offers both moral education and spiritual nourishment for Muslims worldwide. Read by millions around the globe every year, this timeless Islamic book remains a source of profound knowledge that millions treasure reading daily.

Scholars have become more cognizant of the Qur’an as being part of an ancient monotheistic faith tradition, sharing spiritual ties with Judaism and Christianity. But this recognition should not lead to its reduction to mere repetition of earlier traditions.

According to Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the Qur’an was written with one goal in mind – inciting believers into an increased awareness of how connected they are with both God and His creations. For this reason, its verses accurately describe natural phenomena from meteorology, astronomy, oceanography, human embryology and more.

Gabriel Said Reynolds is a Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology at Notre Dame, teaching courses on Qur’an Studies, Muslim-Christian Relations, Islamic Origins and other related topics. Additionally he contributes regularly to ThinkND podcast. You can follow Gabriel on Twitter via @GabrielSReynolds if interested.

2. Calligraphy Artwork

Islamic calligraphy is an esteemed art form. It often plays an essential part in decorative design, adding both aesthetic and talismanic elements to living and working spaces. Arabic script is especially expressive, featuring numerous ornamental forms which makes it the ideal medium for producing breathtaking calligraphic artworks.

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Islamic gifts that incorporate calligraphy can be an elegant way to show your loved ones you care. For instance, consider giving them an eye-catching decorative tray featuring the Hand of Fatima symbol believed to bring protection and blessings or a beautifully-crafted prayer mat that they can use every day when praying their daily prayers.

Many Muslims utilize Tasbihs, also known as prayer beads, to keep track of how often they recite Qur’an verses. They make an ideal present for men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds alike – these beautiful crystal, wooden and pearl beaded Tasbihs add beauty and piety to any home decor!

3. Quranic Jewelry

Jewellery featuring Quranic verses or Allah’s name makes an uplifting Islamic present for men and women of any faith or background. Not only will the gift remind them to stay close to God, it is also an excellent way of showing how much you care and cherish them.

Personalised necklaces that feature their name or an important date can make for a thoughtful present that they’ll treasure forever. Give the gift that keeps them close to your heart!

A Keffiyeh is an ideal way to show your love and support to Muslims, making this traditional garment essential in their religion. Another thoughtful option would be giving them a deck of reflection cards with questions and statements to think through which will help organize their lives according to Islamic principles while prompting deep thinking on beliefs and values.

4. Prayer Beads

Prayer beads (also known as tasbih) can provide a valuable resource to help focus and center one’s mind, providing inspiration and peace within one’s spiritual life.

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Catholic Rosaries are perhaps the most well-known form of prayer beads, featuring five sets of ten beads each indicating one decade ending and another beginning. Their iconic design has come to symbolize Catholic beliefs and practices around the globe.

Religions all practice their own version of prayer with beads, yet these practices share many elements in common. Begin by finding a peaceful space to sit down and take a deep breath. Next, move from the first cruciform bead to the invitatory bead setting your intention for your prayer time. After moving through all rosary beads saying prayers assigned to each bead until reaching resurrection bead which serves as a reminder that Christ defeated death. Additionally rosaries often include small seed beads placed between cruciform and week beads creating designs in addition to that traditional rosaries featuring seed beads placed between cruciform and week beads that serve this process of praying rosaries

5. Islamic Wall Art

Islamic art makes a lovely and meaningful addition to any home, and you are sure to find something suitable to your style and personality among its variety of styles.

Islamic art often features abstract patterns and designs, yet there are also more traditional and ornate pieces crafted using techniques such as repousse, filigree and embossing that create more traditional pieces – these pieces can make striking wall decor pieces when combined with calligraphy artwork to form stunning gallery walls.

Islamic art is well known for its pictorial scenes depicting religious stories and events. They add a spiritual component to your home while making for great conversation starters!

Gift-giving is an integral part of Islamic culture. One great way to show how much you care is by giving someone you care about an Islamic-inspired present; these will bring them closer to their religion while encouraging them to become better Muslims.