Information about Hang Thuan Festival In recent years, Le Hang Thuan is no longer a distant name…

le hang thuan

In recent years, le hang thuan It is not a strange name anymore as it is a ritual followed by many couples choosing to conduct their wedding in a temple apart from the normal home wedding ceremony. Young couples decided to organize this ceremony to wish for a happy and lasting married life. Let us find out more about Hang Thuan festival with Buddhist items in the article below.

and hang Thuan

Hang Thuan festival is considered a beauty in the Buddhist culture of Vietnam.

I. What is Hang Thuan Festival?

“Hang” means eternal, eternal; “Accord” means harmony. The beauty of the relationship in the marriage of the couple is contained in these two words. This is also a ritual related to the virtue of husband and wife.

With the beginning of a regular household wedding ceremony, Hang Thuan Festival The difference is that it is held in a temple and is presided over by an abbot or monk. This ritual has its roots in Buddhist beliefs and has become a favorite of many because of its auspicious meaning.

It is known from several reliable sources that master Nguyen Trong Thuat, nicknamed Nam Tu, was the first to think of this ritual while taking refuge at the Buddha Gate. According to the teacher, in addition to listening to sermons and praying for everyone’s peace, Buddhists always learn how to keep their spiritual life stable.

It is believed that at the wedding ceremony in the temple the young couple would be responsible for their marriage under the supervision of the Buddha. With that belief, Tu Dam Pagoda, Hue was chosen to hold the wedding ceremony according to the Hang Thuan rite.

Second. What is the origin and meaning of Hang Thuan?

According to several sources, Nguyen Trong Thuat, nicknamed Do Nam Tu (1883–1940), was the first to formulate the ritual.

Before that, he was a Confucian, then he took refuge in the Buddha Gate to wholeheartedly serve the Buddhadharma. He said that if the marriage ceremony is conducted in a temple, married life has many meaningful benefits, especially in the ethical and spiritual life of Buddhists.

The first Hang Thuan ceremony was held by the family of Buddhist doctor Tam Minh – Le Dinh Tham for their first daughter, Mrs. Le Thi Hoanh and Mr. Hoang Van Tam in 1930 at Tu Dam Pagoda – Hue. This marriage ceremony is also the first time in the history of Vietnamese Buddhism at the pagoda.

In 1971, the wedding ceremony at the temple was officially named the Hang Thuan ceremony by Venerable Thich Thien Hoa. In which “constant” means always, always, and “constant” means harmony, unanimity, and regard for the good and the good things in life.

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Perpetual agreement means that husband and wife should always live in harmony, be devoted to each other, jointly perform their responsibilities and obligations in marriage, practice for the enlightenment of grandparents, parents and children guide on the way. Be saved, follow the five precepts, do good deeds, practice the Noble Eightfold Path…

and hang Thuan

Couples can celebrate Hang Thuan together

Third. Why is it necessary to perform the Hang Thuan ceremony?

Currently, we are facing a sad reality that the rate of separation and divorce of couples is up to 50%, the percentage of marriages are unhappy but forced for the long term benefit of the children. About 30%, the marriage is temporary. About 20% are considered happy and peaceful.

It is a matter of concern that there is a lack of understanding between young couples in the world before and after marriage. These simple statistics reveal a surprising and encouraging fact because of the approximately 20% of happy and spontaneous marriages worldwide, 90% of Buddhist families follow the path of Buddhism. In practice, there is a clear moral foundation.

This information is a good sign and helps the evangelical industry, Buddhist guidance boards and young couples on the threshold of marriage to have faith in the Buddha’s teachings.

The Hang Thuan festival also brings blessings to couples, helping them to learn how to live graciously and faithfully if it takes place under the witness of monks and apply the teachings of the Sangha.

Through the practical benefits that Hang Thuan brings, we need to make this ritual more accessible to everyone so that everyone can awaken their wisdom to contribute to a happy family life, harmony, a beautiful society. Get an opportunity to

This ritual also helps the Buddhist family to find concentration in their “good life” and from there get enough material on the Buddhist path. The Hang Thuan festival also has an important meaning for those who work to spread the Dharma, especially for the abbots who have a predetermined relationship with Buddhists in their daily life… because it is one of the most important Buddhist events. Is. Important

and hang Thuan

The bride and groom exchange wedding rings in the presence of the guru who presides over the wedding.

IV. Purpose of the Feast of Consent

In modern life, due to lack of understanding, not enough sympathy between husband and wife, many marriages become unhappy, discordant and lead to break up. The reason for this situation is that young couples marry out of love, but only on the basis of a fragile, temporary desire and from there it soon becomes an unstable marriage.

If the foundation of love is not strong enough, the happiness of marriage and family will be replaced by quarrels, fights and eventually breakup. In today’s society, this problem in family life is no longer a strange thing.

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Faced with that change, Buddhism will serve as a guide to help Buddhists and Buddhists who are about to enter the threshold of marriage to understand the importance of moral foundation. From there, build a peaceful home based on loyalty, respect, and love for each other.

The main ceremony of the Hang Thuan ceremony usually consists of basic steps such as announcing the cause, the bride and groom exchanging wedding rings to show their lifelong attachment, and greeting relatives from both sides.

The marriage ceremony performed under this ritual is enlightened by the spiritual ethics and wisdom of Buddhism, helping to find a clear direction so that the spirit of wisdom and liberation on the path of practice, a bright future. Buddha’s Human Light.

A great blessing for young couples at the beginning of their marriage is to pay homage to the Buddha, take refuge in the Three Jewels, celebrate the marriage in the sacred hall under the witness of monks. In addition, the couple also listen to the teacher’s guidance on ethics in the relationship between husband and wife according to the Buddha’s teachings in the Thien Sanh Sutra or Cai Thi La Viet Sutra…

and hang Thuan

Couples are taught about marital ethics and obligations in marriage

V. What are the obligations of a husband towards his wife?

The contents of the Vietnamese poetic sutras that the Buddha taught about the duties and responsibilities of husband and wife in marriage and family are always shared with Buddhist families by the gurus when presiding over Hang Thuan ceremonies. The Buddha gave the following teachings on ethics in marriage and family in order for couples to live a happy and lasting married life:

A husband has to perform 5 duties towards his wife:

  • you should respect your wife
  • Don’t disrespect or mistreat your wife
  • faithful, faithful to his wife
  • Trust your wife to manage money and property
  • If you can buy jewelery for your wife
  • and hang Thuan

    Happy young couple at the Hang Thuan ceremony held at the temple

    Because. What practical benefits does the Hang Thuan festival bring to family life?

    The first practical benefit that young couples receive when performing the Hang Thuan ceremony in the presence of monks is the vow to always practice, practice well, and keep the five precepts in front of the Three Jewels. It will have an important meaning in having a happy and lasting married life.

    It is also considered a milestone that has a great impact on the relationship of the couple as well as the spiritual life of the people around them.

    This benefit has good meaning for the married life of a Buddhist family because the couple will deeply feel the inspiration of “righteous life” in the family activities that are the hanging ritual. Thuan wants to tell them.

    Moreover, these messages not only benefit the young couple but also the participants in the ceremony, thereby helping to make everyone’s life more bright, peaceful and pious.

    post by Buddhist objects The most detailed information has been compiled about the origin, meaning and useful things related to Hang Thuan festival. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you get a better perspective about this ritual and from there you can have a good relationship with Buddhadharma, a faithful and meaningful married life.

    Wish you Amitabh Buddha!