How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

How should offerings be chosen to show respect?


  • Ways, meanings and benefits of making offerings
  • How to make offerings to the Three Jewels
  • How should offerings be chosen to show respect?
  • The offering is a spiritual act. Show sincerity, filial piety and respect for the Perfection of Enlightenment. Therefore, the selection of offers is an important issue, which is of particular interest to families. Choosing high or low value offers depends on the capacity of each family. However, devout Buddhists must make offerings with wealth made with genuine labor. Absolutely do not use offerings obtained from nefarious activities. So “How should offerings be chosen to show respect?“? Please follow the article below.

    How should offerings be chosen to show respect?How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

    Ways, meanings and benefits of making offerings

    The offering is a work with many deep and mysterious meanings. We need to study and reflect so that the offering is of practical benefit. Avoid intolerance, abuse that creates evil minds, becoming superstitious.

    Offerings also take many different forms. In which, there are two main ways: making offerings in front of Buddha images, Buddha towers with flowers, incense, and lights. And make offerings to the Sangha so they can conveniently have items to study and pray for themselves. These two ways are going to the temple to make offerings and are understood in the same way as making offerings to the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha).

    In addition to the above two ways to make offerings, there are other ways to make offerings. Those who make offerings are divided into three reasons: Out of reverence and devotion, making offerings. For the sake of happiness, make offerings. Because it is beneficial for grandparents, deceased parents, family in this life and the next, to make offerings.

    There are two methods of making offerings, namely dharma offering and dharma offering. Donations include money, food, clothing, medicine, etc. Bringing peace and happiness to the body. Dharma offering brings peace of mind.

    The offering is a blessing in life as a child of Buddha. We go to the temple not only to make material offerings. But also develop the heart to offer the spiritual part. Material offerings: printing sutras, translating Buddhist books, spreading Dharma jewelry, essential items for monks… That is cultivating merit. Spiritual offerings: Listening to the Buddha’s teachings, believing and understanding, accepting and defending, preaching and teaching the Dharma to save lives… That is wisdom.

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    How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

    How to make offerings to the Three Jewels

    The Three Jewels are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha found a way to help free sentient beings from the pool of suffering in the cycle of birth and death. When the Buddha entered Nirvana, thanks to his teachings that he left behind, Buddhists know the truth and therefore practice to release suffering. Monks are those who have made noble sacrifices, they are the key to keeping Buddhism alive and growing. Buddhists respect the Three Jewels and make offerings to the Three Jewels in exchange for the virtue they have been given. Offering as well as giving, may the minds of Buddhists sublime, cultivate merit, and renounce possessions.

    Buddhists make offerings to Buddha: Building temples, offering statues to pagodas, throwing gongs, offering flowers, incense, incense, lamps, candles, contributing money to build pagodas, or contributing to purchase rituals of worship to Buddha. background…. Making offerings to the Buddha is a Buddhist way of showing gratitude. It is also to promote the sword of Buddha. Make the throne of Buddha glorious and dignified. Thus increasing respect for those who go to pagodas and worship Buddha.

    Offering Dharma Treasures: Thanks to the Buddha’s teachings, Buddhists know what suffering is, they learn to be blessed and liberated. In exchange for that grace, Buddhists must bring the Buddha’s teachings to others. May they have faith and study according to the Buddha’s teachings.

    Making offerings to the Sangha: The ancient Sangha only cared about studying and studying the scriptures in the temple. Therefore, Buddhists offer clothing, food, bedding and bedding, medicine, etc. to the monks. Today, in addition to these things, Buddhists can also offer monks and nuns the means to more easily serve the practice of the Way.

    How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

    How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

    When making offerings to the Triple Gem, the mind must be pure. Offerings must also be pure. Offering is showing respect, so don’t calculate more or less, lose more. Depending on the ability the Buddhists prepare accordingly. Being happy and sincere is the most important thing.

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    Items used to make offerings must be fresh and pure. To be able to buy with money made by me for just works. Only then will there be many blessings.

    On the main occasions of Buddhism, the preparation ceremonies for the Buddha are solemn and dignified. So the temples hope to receive the grace of everyone. Accompany the monks and nuns to buy offerings. So if you want to make offerings, you can go to the temple to ask what the temple is missing, if you need to buy more, you can happily support it.

    How should offerings be chosen to show respect?How should offerings be chosen to show respect?

    Some offerings and meanings

    Offering of flowers and fruits: The flowers and fruits offered must be fresh and delicious. Floral offerings must be round flowers, representing the six paramitas, good causes, because good causes will only produce good results. Offering the fruit represents the attainment of Bodhi. The fruit also symbolizes Buddha, Bodhisattva, Thanh Van, and Pratyekabuddha. They all belong to the fruit, the fruit of the Buddha’s practice.

    Incense offering: Incense represents the precept of samadhi. Seeing the burning incense, smelling its fragrance, we immediately think of cultivating the precepts, cultivating concentration, and cultivating wisdom. The offering of incense is not because the Buddha wants to smell it. But the incense is just a symbol that wakes us up.

    Offering clear water: Offering clear, clean water is not for the Buddha to drink. That water symbolizes our purity, equality and enlightenment. We use that purity, equality, and enlightenment to make offerings to the Buddha.

    Offering of lamps and candles: Offering of lamps and candles speaks of the wisdom of the Buddha and universal light. It also means burning to enlighten others. The light is the father, then the Buddha Dharma, when a lamp is lit, it speaks of three kinds of surrender: property surrender, Dharma surrender, and fearlessness surrender. Burning to give light to others is giving courage.

    => All the good things and blessings that we make offerings to do in this life. All to dedicate to pray for the longevity of the Dharma. May the country be at peace, the people at peace, the family happy. Diseases and karma are dispelled and wishes are fulfilled. In order to make the nine ancestors of the seven ancestors born in Buddha country, the eight tribulations of the three disciples were released.

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