How does a string of bracelets help you have good “Feng Shui”? The Buddhist rosary was originally an object used for chanting the name of the Buddha. Nowadays,…

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										Chuỗi vòng Phật giáo, khởi nguyên là đồ vật dùng để niệm Phật. Ngày nay,...

buddhist necklace, originally an object used to pronounce the name of the Buddha. Nowadays, many people use pearls as a protective item, always carrying them with them, making the wearer always feel at peace and safe. Notably, the rosary also brings good luck to the user and drives away bad luck.

03 2Bodhi Wood Bead Bracelet 18 Beads 12mm A beautiful and meaningful ornament made of high quality linden wood.

1. How does a string of bracelets help you get good “Feng Shui”?

When you wear a bracelet at work, go to public places or even meet partners… when the other person sees you, the first impression they get is the bracelet. bracelet chain,

When they see the bracelet, in their heart they will immediately think of Buddha, they will immediately think of the phrase Namo Amitabha Buddha.

When they think of the Buddha, they look up to the Buddha, merit arises in their hearts, and respect for the Buddha arises. Thus, their mind will naturally become calm. Even if their hearts are full of plans and illusions, they will still be able to calm down to a certain extent.

Whatever they are is because of you. If you help people think about the Buddha, it means you already have great merit and virtue.

Not only this, if you always have the rosary in your hand, then in many cases when your mind is confused and you do not know what decision to take, all you have to do is hold the rosary, close your eyes, let your mind Have to calm down and chant Namo. If Amitabha Buddha continues, your mind will naturally become calm, clear and take many right decisions.

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Ethics of Chain Bracelet Is here. Once you understand, wearing a necklace on your hand means that you are bringing good feng shui to yourself and those around you. If you do not understand then you will not be able to get such great benefits of wearing the necklace.

2. Top most beautiful, sophisticated and popular bracelet models today

Bracelets are often made from precious woods, precious beads or precious stones.

– Chain bracelet made of precious wood Commonly used are: agarwood, sandalwood, dragon’s blood wood, coniferous wood, rosewood, ebony, sandalwood (milk wood)…

01 5Agarwood Bracelet Mix Four Leaf Clover Charm 6mm is a beautiful and highly valued product, made from quality agarwood and carefully crafted by talented artisans. This bracelet with attractive dark color and beautiful smooth bracelet pattern is 6mm in size, suitable for both men and women.
02 5sandalwood bracelet with lotus charm It is a product that interests many people because of its high spiritual, health and aesthetic value. With beautiful green sandalwood material and 8mm bead size, this bracelet brings confidence and sophistication to the user.
03 3green sandalwood bracelet Made from green sandalwood, 8mm diameter pearls, combined with jade charms. With beautiful deep blue color, this product is suitable for both men and women to use as jewelery and with feng shui meaning.
04 3The bracelet is made of dragon blood wood, also known as king wood, a precious wood, known as the king of woods.
04 4108 sandalwood fried pearl chain India – high quality.

, Types of Bodhi Seed Bracelets Usually Vajra Bodhi Seed, Heavenly Eye Bodhi Seed, Bodhi Root Seed…

05bodhi seed bracelet Ivory White Lotus Charm is a meaningful and spiritual jewelery product. With a harmonious combination of natural beauty and high spirituality, this product promises to bring luck and fortune to the users.

– All types of gemstone bracelets Usually marble, quartz, cat’s eye, tiger’s eye, agate, obsidian, volcanic stone…

06Marble Ring Mixed with Blood Jade Meaningful to increase confidence, clarity and help in taking right decisions in life. Furthermore, the product also has features that help improve health, reduce stress, and increase energy for the wearer.
01 6white quartz ring Non Nuoc Stone is a product made of natural white quartz stone in the Village Workshop, Da Nang. With over 30 years of gemstone processing experience, products are created with guaranteed quality and exquisite design. The ring is designed simply yet delicately with the pure white color of white quartz stone.
00Mixed red hairstone ring with five diopters It brings luck, fortune, health and peace to the wearer. The stone bracelet is crafted from Red Hair Stone, a rare gemstone that has many feng shui effects such as emotional support, health promotion and luck.
02 6garnet stone bracelet It is quite popular among women today because it not only has luxurious and seductive beauty but it also has great significance in Feng Shui such as: The red color of garnet is a symbol of power and success. And symbolizes the power to overcome all difficulties.
02 7Peach Blossom Jade Bracelet Small 6mm is a unique jewelry product, made of green Heitan jade, combined with delicate pearl accessories. Heitan Jade stone is said to bring good luck and protection to the wearer, helps ward off bad luck, and brings good luck and fortune.

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3. On which hand should you wear the necklace?

Like other types of feng shui bracelets, wearing a string of beads on each hand has its own meaning and needs to be applied to change the way of wearing and promote positive use of the bracelet.

wear the rosary in the right hand : When encountering a lot of evil spirits, negative energy or visiting dangerous places. At this time the meaningful rosary will cover you and protect you from misfortune.

wear rosary in left hand : When you are going to places where luck needs to be brought such as: interviews, vacancies, job applications, conferences, auctions…

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