Hadith 71. Always chant to Allah no matter the situation

Hadith 71. Always chant to Allah no matter the situation

hadith 71. Lady ‘A-ishah said:

he was the prophetPeace be with him remember God at all times

{Previously, the Prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – Always chant to Allah no matter the circumstances.} (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Analysis of the hadith:

Hadith Meaning: Previously, {Messenger of Allah – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – Always sing to Allah} for all recitation like Tasbih, Tahlil, Takbir, Tahmid, recitation of Quran, because Quran is not only a type of recitation of Allah but also the best recitation; prayer {whatever the circumstances} means prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – recited every hour, even during the times of lesser Hadath and greater Hadath, the precepts of the ‘Ulama exclude the recitation of the Qur’an after the greater Hadath. Therefore, a person with Junub is not allowed to recite the Qur’an at all, even if he knows it by heart, because according to the hadith from him, ‘Ali said: {Previously, the Prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – he taught us to read the Qur’an when he was not suffering from Junub.} (Ahmad and the Sunan Abu Dawud group, At-Tirmizdi, An-Nasa-i’ and Ibnu Maajah). At this time, the ‘Ulama’ world has mixed opinions about women in the menstrual cycle and postpartum bleeding, are they both considered to be people with Junub? The correct view on this is that both of them are allowed to recite the Qur’an by heart, because both of them have to stay for a long time and they are not in control of things like the person with Junub. In addition, there are still some times that are not suitable for reciting the Qur’an, such as urinating, having sex, in the bathroom, in the toilet, and in similar dirty places.

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hadith lessons

1- It does not require cleansing (taking Wudu or bathing in Junub) either minor Hadath or Great Hadath to chant Allah Almighty. Accordingly, Muslims are completely allowed to recite Allah with all recitation and recitation of the Qur’an as long as it is not allowed to be Junub, this has been determined by the Sunnah.

2- In general, Hadith allows women in menstrual cycle and with postpartum blood still to recite the Quran by memorizing it without touching the Quran directly, but having to hold it indirectly with gloves or the like. .

3- Nabi – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – constantly singing to Allah Most High.

4- Mrs. ‘A-ishah knew better about the current state of the Prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam –.

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