Hadith 68. Prohibition of infringing on the property and life of Muslims

Hadith 68. Prohibition of infringing on the property and life of Muslims

Hadith 68. Tariq bin Ashyam Al-Ashja’i narrated the words of the Prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – saying:

Anyone who says: There is no god but God, and does not believe in what is worshiped outside of God, his riches and his blood are prohibited, and his account is with God.

{Whoever says La i la ha il lol loh and denies anything that is worshiped except Allah has no right to infringe on his property, his life and accounting belongs to Allah.} Muslim.

Analysis of the hadith:

Messenger of Allah – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – It is clearly stated in this Hadith that a person has no protection for his life or property except that he has both: First: Oath of Benefit ha il lol loh – ie there is no true God but Allah Most High. Second: Deny all that is worshiped apart from Allah. When someone is found to have these two conditions, it is necessary to stop abusing him immediately and if he is sincere in his heart, may Allah Almighty repay him, as long as that person is still not breaking the law. You lose protections such as murder, apostasy, or property, such as protesting against Zakah, or honor, such as deliberately delaying payment.

hadith lessons

1- In fact, the meaning of La i la ha il lol loh is to deny everything that is worshiped apart from Allah, such as podiums, graves…

2- In fact, only saying the phrase “Ha il lol loh” but refusing to deny that everything is worshiped except that Allah still does not have the privilege of preserving life and property despite fully understanding the meaning of the prayer. This oath and its application, if not already observed, the second condition is the denial of all that is worshiped outside of Allah.

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3- A person who has certified the Tawhid oath (monotheism) and adheres to the canon externally should not damage it until there is clear evidence to the contrary.

– Mandatory protection of non-believers immediately after entering Islam, even on the battlefield until it is known otherwise.

5- There are people who still swear La i la ha il lol loh but they do not deny anything that is worshiped outside of Allah.

6- In the present life, we only consider things based on appearance, and in the Hereafter, based on thoughts and intentions.

7- Prohibition against the property and life of Muslims except for the sake of justice.

8- The value of Islam when it comes to preserving the life and property of the believer.

9- It is forbidden to take the property of a Muslim unless he does not fulfill his responsibilities as Zakah or compensate the damage caused.

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