Hadith 66. Absolutely do not let charm bracelets

Hadith 66. Absolutely do not let charm bracelets

hadith 66. Abu Bashir Al-Ansari said:

who was with the Messenger of God Peace be with himIn some of his travels, he said: The Messenger of God sent Peace be with him A messenger said: They do not leave a rope or necklace on a camel’s neck unless it is cut.

{On one occasion I went with the Messenger of Allah – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam –who sent messengers with orders, absolutely not to let the bracelet with the short name, or otherwise, remain on the camel’s neck, to be removed.} (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Analysis of the hadith:

In fact, during one of his trips, the Prophet – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – he sent a messenger (named Zaid bin Harithah) to announce his order to the people to cut all the slings from the camel’s neck with short arrows or whatever (what polytheists usually do) for the purpose of bringing peace and luck to the animal . In addition to driving away all evil spirits, this is obviously an action that Shirk needs to remove immediately.

Lessons from the hadith:

1Wearing a short arrow around the camel’s neck to ward off evil spirits is a prohibited act, considered as hanging amulets.

2- Declare before Muslims what defends their beliefs.

3- Mandatory exclusion of harmful things by possible capacity.

4- Accept the source of information itself.

5- Deactivate the belief that wearing a necklace (neck or arm or leg or any other position) erases evil spirits regardless of the type of object it is.

6- The deputy leader remains competent when the leader is absent.

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7- The leader of a group of people should be responsible for monitoring everyone’s status and protecting or preventing it in a timely manner.

8- The leader of a group of people should be strong and determined to prevent Haram and bad things from happening in the community or encourage people when they see them neglecting their responsibilities.

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