Hadith 63. The reciter of the Qur’an is blessed with every letter he reads

Hadith 63. The reciter of the Qur'an is blessed with every letter he reads

hadith 63. Mr. Ibnu Mas’ud narrated Allah’s Messenger – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – saying:

Whoever reads a letter from God’s Book will get a good deed for it, and a good deed is ten times as much. walam is a letter and mim is a letter

{Whoever reads a word from the Book of Allah (Quran) will receive a blessing, and with a blessing multiplied by ten similar blessings, I do not say: Alif, LAm, MA .m is a letter, which comes in three letters: Lif is a letter, L.à.m is a letter and MMm is a letter.} (At-Tirmidhi).

Hadith Analysis

1- Mr. Ibnu Mas’ud conveyed a very valuable message from the Prophet’s Hadith – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – inform all Muslims about a blessing for the one who recites the Qur’an, the Book of Allah, letter by letter, and each blessing is multiplied by a factor of ten. Prayer {I do not say: Alif, LAm, MMm are one word} means that this set of letters is not a single letter, but consists of three letters as explained in the Hadith {Lif is a letter, L.à.m is a letter and MMm is a letter} means that the reader is rewarded with thirty blessings for reading these three words. It shows, a great and great blessing that Allah bestows on Muslims, so every believer should try to use the time to recite the Qur’an more.

hadith lessons

1- Encourage the recitation of the Qur’an.

2- The person who recites the Qur’an receives a blessing for each letter he reads and is multiplied by ten.

3- Present the meaning of a letter, it is different from a word.

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4- Allah’s tolerance and generosity is great when He multiplies His blessings upon them.

5- Affirmation of the word of Allah including sound and writing.

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