Hadith 60b. Whoever skips the Salah Asr prayer is considered to have abolished the religious practice of him.

Hadith 60b.  Whoever skips the Salah Asr prayer is considered to have abolished the religious practice of him.

Hadith 60. Mr. Buraidah bin Al-Husayn narrated to the Messenger of Allah – Sollollohu ‘alaihi wasallam – saying:

Whoever leaves the Asr prayer, his actions will be invalidated.

{Whoever skips the Salah ‘Asr prayer is considered to have abolished his religious practice.} (Al-Bukhari).

Analysis of the hadith:

Hadith shows the punishment for one who intentionally neglects Salah ‘Asr. The reason is Salah ‘Asr, perhaps the delay is due to fatigue from the day’s work, and neglecting this Salah is worse than neglecting other Salahs because he is the correct Salah. Order to protect well as Allah says:

Keep the sentences and the middle sentence, and defend God with two obediences.

{Preserving and defending the Salah prayers, especially the festival of the middle (Salah ‘Asr).} (chapter 2 – Al-Baqarah: 238) the offender was punished by removing the blessing of practicing religion. There is another explanation that this punishment is only for those who willfully neglect or oppose the obligatory Salah prayer. Consequently, people who intentionally neglect the Salah ‘Asr prayers become disbelievers because their religious practice is abolished, and the Hadith is considered affirmative evidence of this, as quoted by some ‘Ulama, because the practice of religion is not it is abolished unless it is apostasy. However, there is another explanation which considers this to be a strong warning to those who skip the Salah ‘Asr prayer as if their blessings of practicing the religion are erased. The Hadith shows the great value of the Salah ‘Asr prayer, for anyone who neglects this Salah is considered to have lost merit in practicing it.

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Lessons from the hadith:

1- Encourage the observance of Salah ‘Asr during the obligatory time.

2- It is forbidden to neglect Salah, especially Salah ‘Asr.

3- Those who intentionally neglect the Salah ‘Asr prayer will have their merits erased, but only those who do it intentionally will be punished, because there is an exact transmission with the word “intentional”.

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