Do the newcomers know they’re already dead? Scientists are still trying to study the death of children…

nguoi chet co biet minh chet khong

Scientists are still trying to study human death. There are many questions such as whether the dead know whether they are dead or not, or where will people go after they die… Here, Buddhist Items will share some information related to this issue with you through the article below .

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Do the newcomers know they’re already dead?

1. Do the dead know they are dead?

According to a new study, a person’s consciousness continues to function even after the heart stops beating and the body stops moving. This means that the deceased basically know that they are dead. They were trapped inside the bodies, but their brains were still active, but only for short periods of time.

The study showed that people who were revived after cardiac arrest were aware of what was going on around them when they ‘died’ before they were ‘revived’. Even more surprising, there is still evidence that dead people can hear themselves being pronounced dead by a doctor.

Dr. Sam Parnia, head of CPR research and assistant professor at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, has been conducting post-mortem consciousness research and cardiac arrest cases investigation in the United States and Europe. He interviewed patients about what they had seen and heard before coming back to life.

He says that people in the early stages of death may still experience some form of consciousness. Experts point out that survivors of cardiac arrest accurately describe what was happening around them when their heart stopped beating. “He described doctors and nurses at work, he described both the notion of conversation and the visual thing going on,” he said.

A person is declared dead when his heart stops beating. This study is investigating what happens to the brain when a person has cardiac arrest and whether consciousness persists after death, and to improve the quality of resuscitation and prevent brain injury upon restart. How long does it take Heart.

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2. How would be the mind of a dying person?

The consciousness of a dying person is very intense. The Tibetan Book of the Dead records that: “When dying people see and hear their loved ones wailing beside them, their pain is immense. Therefore, what relatives should do is to keep the dying person as calm and peaceful as possible, so that he may pass away naturally and peacefully.

Furthermore, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, this period is so delicate and strange that today some death researchers at American universities are puzzled by the nature of this period. There is something strange, wonderful and full of science in this description. Willing to study and investigate.

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the mind of the dead is very sharp

3. How will your body change when you die?

Usually we think of the moment of death as the moment when the heartbeat and breathing will stop. However, death is not immediate. The brain will continue to function for about 10 minutes, even longer after we die.

In a hospital, a doctor has several ways to confirm that a patient has died. These include no breathing, no response to light, no pulse, and no pupil constriction. In an emergency, paramedics look for the 5 signs of irreversible death to recognize when resuscitation cannot be achieved. After death is confirmed, the physical process has the following timeline:

In the first hour the muscles of the body become relaxed, the pupils also dilate, the joints of the limbs are very flexible. The skin will become loose. In the minutes after the heart stops beating, less blood flows through the veins, so a dead person’s skin is often pale, not as pink as it was when alive. And the body temperature also starts decreasing.

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About an hour after death, chemical changes in the body’s cells cause muscles to stiffen. Maximum body-wide muscle stiffness may occur after approximately 12 hours, which is influenced by age, gender, physical condition of the deceased, and other factors including air temperature.

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after death the body will start to harden

At this point, it is difficult to move or manipulate the dead person’s limbs. Knees and elbows are slightly bent, and toes or fingers may appear abnormally crooked. After 12 hours, the muscles begin to become more loose due to the constant chemical changes in the cells and the breakdown of internal tissues.

4. Where does the soul go after death?

Death has always worried mankind, and leading scientists and medical scientists are always trying to find out what happens when people die.

Many people also often wonder what happens after death. Some people think that we no longer exist, others believe in heaven or hell. We were alive before we came to earth and we will be alive even after we die. We know this because the Lord has revealed His entire plan in the scriptures. Many people really believe that death is not the end.

According to ancient Indian view it was believed that there is an eternal soul in the body. After death, the small soul will merge with the great soul, Brahma. Theistic religions believe that man is a product of God, after being lost there are only 2 realms to go to: heaven or hell.

According to the Buddhist point of view, the death of beings is not the end, death is just the beginning of a new life. After the death of a person, depending on the cause and effect produced in the present life, he is reborn in the six worlds. If you are a good person, you will be reborn in heaven after you die.

Do you know that you are married?

Many people believe that even after death they can live in some other place, heaven or hell

With sharing in the above article of Buddhist objectsHope readers can find lots of useful information about whether the dead know they are dead or not.

Wish you Amitabh Buddha!