Contents of Eulogy for the Ten Types of Sentient Beings by the great poet Nguyễn Dộ. Praise for the Ten Kinds of Sentient Beings by Nguyen Du is a very…

Nội dung văn tế thập loại chúng sinh của đại thi hào Nguyễn Du 
										Văn tế thập loại chúng sinh của Nguyễn Du là tác phẩm văn tế rất...

Worship of ten types of creatures. is a very excellent and famous literary work by Nguyen Du, which describes the suffering of all types of people from rich to poor in the society, no one can deny death. Let us come to better understand the content of this praise Buddhist objects Know through the article given below.

I. Some details about the literary works of ten types of beings

The Oration of Ten Kinds of Living Beings is a masterpiece and made famous by the great poet Nguyen Du. The Funeral Rite was written in Nome and the specific time of composition is unknown. According to the text edited by Dam Quang Thien, Nguyễn wrote this eulogy after witnessing a terrible epidemic season in which millions of people died, everywhere was filled with heavy negative energy and people flocked to altars to pray in pagodas. Were established. Super salvation for millions of souls. However, according to Professor Hoang Xuan Hanh, he believes that perhaps the great poet wrote this work before The Tale of Kieu, that is, when Nguyễn Dậu was still warden at Quảng Bình (1802–1812).


The funeral poem was born when the author saw the dire consequences of the pandemic season

Nguyễn Dậu’s life is quite clearly reflected in Thanh Hiến Thi Tập. From 1786 to 1795, he lived as a wanderer, earning a living as a beggar, his pockets were empty, he was constantly sick, he was poor and had no money to buy medicine, his relatives were different. -Goed separate ways, sometimes he was sick for months at a time and just waiting for death… His life did not get better until he later went to the Nguyễn dynasty to become a mandarin It happened, but he still retained the simple elegance of a poor student.

In Nam Trung Tap Ngam, there are at least two poems that talk about poor wives and children. So this explains why Nguyễn Dộ is from the upper class but his poetry has deep sympathy and connection towards the poor class people. This is shown very clearly in the Necromancy Oration.

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Statue of the great national poet Nguyen Du

The work “Recalling the Soul” is in the form of two-seven-six-eight, consisting of 184 verses written in nome. The layout of a funeral speech can be divided into 4 parts, including:

Part – 1: The first 20 stanzas describe the scene of a gloomy, rainy autumn afternoon in July, causing the poet to feel sorry for the sentient beings who are living in the cold and helpless in the underworld and to pray for the dead. Let’s set up an altar.

part 2: The next 116 verses are used to explain the causes of death of 10 types of souls.

Part 3: It contains 20 verses that describe the sad, mournful life of the souls

Part 4: The remaining 28 verses are like a request from the poet asking the miraculous Buddha to help in the liberation of the souls who come to receive the offerings.

Second. Lecture Materials for Ten Types of Living Beings

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The work “Orientation of the Ten Kinds of Living Beings” consists of 184 verses and was composed in Nome.

Below are excerpts from Nguyen Du’s work “Orientations of the Ten Types of Living Beings”:

“The weather of July is wet with rain,

A cold wind blows that cools dry bones,

The human brain takes the place of an autumn afternoon,

Thousands of reeds are painted silver, corn leaves turn yellow.

  • The shade of the birch road is gentle at noon,
  • Mist is scattered on the road,

    Which heart is not true?

    The positive world is still a negative world.

    In the darkness of heaven and earth,

  • There is a subtle wisdom and darkness
  • Be kind to the ten types of sentient beings,

    A lonely soul floating through the countryside.

    There is no place to trust the smoke of incense sticks,

    Orphan souls in the fire of the dark night,

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  • Who is precious and who is cowardly?
  • Why say who is wise and who is foolish?

    The first period of autumn sets up a salvation altar,

    Pure water sprinkled with poplar seeds,

    Thanks to the compassion of Buddha,

  • Redressing injustice, saving suffering, returning souls to the West.
  • There are people who are arrogant,

    Even in the years of stealing mountains and rivers,

    Forget about heroic competitions,

    It hurts to think about when the situation will end.

  • Suddenly it rained and the tiles fell,
  • Khon considers himself a slave,

    Great wealth and great hatred,

    The blood is fresh, the bones are dry and brittle.

    A group of selfless and lost children,

  • A headless ghost wails on a rainy night
  • Whether you succeed or fail is a matter of choice

    But his soul knows when to dissolve!

    There are also those who spread disruption and knowledge,

    Those who trust in the palace of Hang Nga,

  • Changes in mountains and rivers,
  • Where does the stem piece of a leaf go?

    Over, under the bridge, water flows

    Fate had no choice but to break the vase and fall,

    When the stars are crowded and laughing,

  • But when I close my eyes, there are no bones.
  • There is no smell or smoke in pain

    Bewildered by the stream of the myrtle forest.

    I pity your weak legs and arms

    Every year it withers more, one night a sad day.

  • Look at the people with tall hats and loose clothes,
  • The tip of the lipstick pen remains in my hand,

    The bag remains full in the prayer circle,

    It was the night of Quan Cat and the day of Wai Chu.

    The more prosperity, the more hatred,

  • Hundreds of ghosts and graves all around,
  • A thousand gold can’t change you,

    Where are the singers’ halls and theater halls that have been destroyed?

    Relatives who are absent later are absent earlier,

    Do you know who will get a bowl of water for burning incense sticks?

  • He lost his soul,
  • Grave injustice wisely finds a way to rebirth.

    Look at those who fight in the war

    Bring me in to steal the velvet seal.

    wind, rain and thunder,

  • The corpses of hundreds of people must be the work of one person.
  • When defeated the arrows fall from stray bullets,

    The battlefield is full of broken flesh and blood,

    Alone at the edge of the horizon,

    Where can I bury a handful of bones without an owner?

  • The sky is dark, the rain is thundering, the wind is howling,
  • The dark and gloomy atmosphere before and after,

    Thousands of clouds are sad inside the grass,

    Where is the praise, where is the ordinary?

    There are people who plan to become rich,

  • I make myself sleep and eat poorly,
  • Distraught, no relatives,

    Even if this happens, for whom should we save that part?

    When I lay down, no one spoke to me,

    Even if transitory things are nothing,

  • Living in a time when money flows freely,
  • The waterfall did not bring any money.

    Cry for the ghost, why pity your neighbor?

    A multi-bundle wooden box to welcome the night,

    Stunned in the field of contemplation,

  • Compressing incense drops, not knowing where to find them?
  • There are people who are looking for precious words

    Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city,

    Some autumn away from home,

    Is literature certain to be intellectual?

  • With the shop lined up, it should happen rain and shine every week.
  • Which wife and children should be brought up with restraint?

    Hastily covered and buried on the shore,

    Brother, neighbor, stranger.

    The shadow of the element is as far away as the incense stick,

  • The cemetery is lined with vertical lines and horizontal lines,
  • I send my soul to other people,

    The moon’s air is soft, the sun’s fire is cool.

    There are also people who enter the river and go towards the lake,

    The sails of clouds cut the east wind.

  • Facing the storm in the middle of the stream,
  • Bury yourself in the heart of admiration.

    There are also people who go to do business,

    The bamboo pole is strong on both shoulders,

    Meet the rain and sunshine in the sky,

  • Where is the lost soul?
  • There are people who get stuck in military locks,

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    Leaving home to perform official duties,

    Khe rice tube water is difficult,

    Thousands of miles of oil and a lifetime of suffering.

  • During war human life is like garbage,
  • Luck was related to stray bullets and falling arrows.

    Flickering ghost flames,

    The voice of injustice echoes in the darkness, making it all the more painful.

    There are people who miss their whole life,

  • Dare to be young and sell flowers,
  • When you get old you will get nervous,

    Where do my husband and children know who to trust?

    suffered hardships all my life

    Drink banyan leaf porridge and fall again.

  • Women’s pain but division,
  • Do you know why you were born like this?

    There are people who lie down on the ground,

    Watching the months and days of begging back and forth,

    What a pity for that very human life,

  • Live on the land, die on the government road!
  • There are people who have been imprisoned unjustly

    Sent me to the torn mat.

    A handful of bones are buried in a corner of the city,

    In what life can I get rid of that injustice?

  • Look at the little children,
  • Wrong time of birth, separation from parents.

    Who will take me in and out?

    Ugh, the sound of crying is so heartbreaking.

    Look at those who drown in rivers and streams,

  • There are people who fall from trees to trees,
  • Someone climbed the well and broke the rope,

    Some people get washed away in the flood waters, some people spread fire in the city.

    People are addicted to the mountain crystal water monster

    People are bitten by wolf’s teeth and ivory,

  • There are people who often give birth to children without even growing up,
  • Some people are sad, some people are sad.

    encountered an error while running

    Nai Ha Bridge is back and forth

    Every person’s karma is different

  • Now the soul is shattered, who knows?
  • Or hidden in the banks and bushes,

    Or bend over the stream at the base of the clouds,

    Or the bush of grass and the shade of the tree,

    Or this shop and this bridge are deserted.

  • Or rely on divine mercy, Buddha’s words
  • Or at the beginning of the market at the end of the river

    or in the empty space,

    Or in an area with mounds, or in an area with bamboo thickets.

    Life has endured many hardships,

  • The liver is dry and the stomach is cold and bitter,
  • Drowned in oil for decades,

    Lying on the dew on the ground and sighing.

    Hearing the cock crowing, looking for a way to hide,

    The setting sun wanders here and there to find out,

  • Struggling to carry children and guide the elderly,
  • If you are intelligent you should come and listen to the sutra.

    Thanks to the Buddha’s magic, he was reborn in a pure land,

    Spread light to save you from suffering,

    Set the four seas in harmony,

  • Worries disappear, hatred disappears.
  • Thanks to the great supernatural power of Buddha,

    Rotating the wheel of Dharma in the three worlds and ten directions,

    Great King Tu Dien,

    A magical leaf that guides sentient beings.

  • Thanks to the mighty power of Buddha,
  • In a dream, waking up from a dream,

    What are the ten species?

    Young and old men and women all came to listen to the sutra.

    Life is like a picture,

  • There is a word that says: “Ten thousand worlds are empty”
  • Who, please take Buddha as your heart,

    Escape from the world naturally.

    The altar bows obediently to Buddhism,

    What types of porridge bowls and incense burners are there,

  • It’s called the golden shirt and the shuttlecock,
  • Help cook your way to heaven.

    Whoever comes here, sits down,

    Don’t hesitate to love.

    The magic of turning less into more,

  • Above, ask the venerable one to divide the sentient beings equally.
  • Buddha has universal compassion and kindness

    Don’t be afraid to say yes or no.

    Namo Buddha, Namo Dharma, Namo Sangha

    It is necessary for you to climb to the upper level.”

    Source: Ancient and Modern Literature, Culture Publishing House, Hanoi, 1960

    So, above is the material information about the Liturgy of the Ten Kinds of Beings, also known as the Spirit-Revelation Literature, by the author Nguyen Du. Buddhist objects Can be synthesized. The work has created immense power, which has changed both human thought and lifestyle.

    Wish you Amitabh Buddha.