Islam is a religion of personal responsibility and forgiveness

Should children pay their parents’ debts?

What about generational debt? Several years ago, one of my closest relatives died leaving behind a pile of debt. Needless to say, his children were devastated. His pain was double; losing his beloved father and the unpaid personal loans he had taken out from friends and family. He was an honest man but caught in…

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Islamic Teachings on Judgment Day

The search for justice in a world of inequality As I was pulling out of the parking lot of a local mall in Virginia, I noticed a woman sitting on a bench with a shopping cart full of belongings. She seemed homeless. All the stores were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. Needless to say, it…

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Facts about the Muslims & the Religion of Islam – Toll-free hotline 1-877-WHY-ISLAM Logo

Islam’s perspective on connection

How does Islam see the connection between nature and God? Conflicting views on the connection between nature and the divine have swirled around society for centuries and remain a heavy topic for many. Some consider nature itself to be divine, while others believe that nature is actually a sign of an existing authority. So what…

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The Oneness of God, Prophets, and the Quran: The Foundation of Islam

Knowing the Unity of God

The Unity of God, the Prophets and the Qur’an: The Foundation of Islam We humans love to complicate simple concepts and designs and turn them into something different. While this can be beneficial in many cases, as it leads to discoveries and innovations, when it comes to religion, it would be counterproductive. The basic need…

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