Bronze Guan Yin Buddha Statue and the Knowledge You Need to Know Bronze Guan Yin Buddha statue is one of the most popular Buddha statues…

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Bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara Buddha one of Buddha Many homeowners are interested in the statue because of its deep meaning. But not everyone understands it clearly Guan Yin Buddha Statue copper. Together Buddhist objects Read on to know more useful information.

Why are bronze Buddha statues chosen by many people?

Guan Yin Buddha statues are often made from red bronze or Kaithut bronze. Each type of copper has different processing methods and copper processing principles. It doesn’t matter what type of copper, if mixed properly, it will produce copper of good quality and high durability.

In theory: Copper reacts directly with oxygen so it will create oxygen – copper causes the phenomenon of discoloration of bronze sculptures. To make the idol durable and beautiful, the artisans may plate it with gold and inlay three energies on the surface of the idol. Thus, the idol is highly aesthetic and ensures value.

Bronze Buddha statues not only have good design and quality, but they are also almost completely durable. A puja idol can be used for many generations without fear of damage.

d016da5859408a1ed351Guan Yin Buddha statue products are very suitable for display in living room or office, Buddha altar or car

The bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha beneath the skilled tables of the artisans has been created to be extremely lifelike and dignified. The bronze image of Mother Guan Yin is popular because of her sitting position on a lotus and extremely diverse figures. Statues decorate the home space more aesthetically and help in enhancing the Feng Shui value.

What does the bronze Guan Yin Buddha statue mean in Feng Shui?

Avalokiteshvara is one of the Bodhisattvas who has a kind heart and is worshiped by many Vietnamese families. In addition, in temples, pagodas, etc., the Guanyin statue is an indispensable image. Therefore, the Guan Yin Buddha statue has extremely important meaning in Feng Shui.

  • Bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara Buddha Brings a lot of beautiful meanings and helps to ward off all bad and evil things to bring peace and happiness in the family, helps to keep the house peaceful from all sides.
  • The Guanyin statue brings lots of luck and wealth to the home owner’s life.
  • The statue of Avalokiteshvara Buddha helps the homeowner and his family to overcome all the sufferings and difficulties in life, so that work, study and life is always smooth and favorable.
  • Statues also help in making people’s mind pure and can drive away bad things to be able to see beautiful values ​​in life and bring happiness and joy.
  • Worshiping the Guan Yin statue at home will remind children and grandchildren to always maintain filial piety towards their parents and practice filial piety first. Therefore, idols help people to always be lucky in their career path.
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Casting process of bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha

To create a bronze statue of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, a certain process must be followed. If only one step is missing, the ideal Buddha statue will not be constructed. Below is a general 7-step process for making a bronze statue of Guan Yin Buddha.

O1CN01xW8asR1ebCxV5OKFy 3874263889 0 cibAvalokiteshvara is one of the Bodhisattvas who has a kind heart and is worshiped by many Vietnamese families.

1. Make a model of the Guan Yin Buddha statue

This is the first and most important step in the entire bronze statue casting process. When making a standard model, the finished product will have the highest accuracy and beautiful appearance. Meanwhile, Buddha statue model is the most difficult product to produce and has the highest requirements. Because we know, Shakyamuni Buddha has 32 good characteristics, and their manifestations all have deep meanings. Buddha and Bodhisattvas also adopted this requirement for making and molding statues.

2. Make a mold to cast the statue

This second stage requires artisans to be highly skilled, meticulous and patient. The mold is made in 2 parts: negative mold and positive mold. The main ingredients for making molds include clay, rice bran and heat-resistant powder.

Take the mold and bake it at 700 degrees, then dry for 10-20 days. They will be smoothed from clay molds, coated with heat-resistant paint and continued baking at 500 degrees Celsius.

3. Prepare Copper Materials

The main material for casting Guan Yin Buddha statue is bronze. The material used is pure copper, carefully selected, free from other impurities.

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To enhance the aesthetics and durability of bronze sculptures, artisans would use additional alloys such as tin, zinc and nickel during the bronze smelting process. The mixing ratio between copper and the above alloys is divided into a certain quantity depending on the size and weight of the idol.

4. Melting copper

Pure copper will be melted into liquid form at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius. After the copper is completely melted, the caster will add alloy to continue heating to a temperature of 1250 degrees. The melting time of copper is approximately 10-12 hours.

5. Pour copper into the mold

After the copper is completely melted, it will be taken out and poured into the pre-made mold. The mold should always be maintained in a red-hot state. The process of pouring bronze into the mold should be done by skilled craftsmen only. Furthermore, the process is always guaranteed to be completely safe.

6. Remove the mold

After the mold has cooled, the caster will cast out the bronze product. The bronze Buddha statue will be edited, refined, smoothed and perfected in detail.

With big Buddha statues. Molded into parts, they will be joined together to form a complete part.

7. Perfection

This step will be done based on the customer’s requirements. The statue model will be engraved with patterns, motifs or colors to create surface beauty and enhance the aesthetics of the Buddha statue.

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