Beautiful Models of Wooden Bullets Wooden bullets are one of the most commonly used types of bullets today…


Wooden bullets are one of the most commonly used bullets today. The article below will introduce the existing beautiful wooden tablets that you should know about so that you can bring them home for puja.

What is a wood pellet?

Bullets can be made from many different materials such as wood, bronze, etc. The wooden tablets have other names such as dragon tablets, spirit tablets, divine tablets, stars, and are indispensable objects on the altar, used for the names of the deceased. A wooden tablet is a card made of wood, with the full name and title written in the middle, and on both sides the date of birth and death of the person who is being worshipped, collectively called the God. Is.

Wooden tablet models are popular and beautiful today

Because of its spiritual meaning and significance, choosing a tablet model for worship is extremely important. Here are some samples wood pellet At Buddhist Products – an e-commerce site specializing in providing quality wooden tablets with beautiful, sophisticated pattern designs – we would like to recommend you:

97911c825514854adc05 1Tablet carved from golden phoenix and camphor wood, 30 cm high (not engraved with words)
9d9caed6e040301e6951Tablet with engraved border of golden dragon and camphor wood, 30 cm high (no engraving)
9cc8efd1a64776192f56Tablet carved from brown phoenix and camphor wood, 40 cm high (no engraved words)
4cee018c481a9844c10bTablet carved from golden lotus and camphor wood, 30 cm high (not engraved with words)

Above are considered beautiful wooden puja planks, which help in making your home puja space sacred and holy.

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Where should the tablet be placed on the altar?

According to folk culture researcher Le Quang Khang, ancestral altars are often set up with two layers. In the inner layer next to the back wall is a large chest containing tablets. For householders who are heads of families or branches, their gods and branches will never change, and the family gods will change according to the custom of the “Five Great Tomorrow Gods”. This means that on the altar there are always only 4 tablets inscribed with the 4 main deities according to the hierarchy: Cao, Tang, So, Khao, great-grandfather, grandfather and father.

In the next life, the four-element man has become the five-element man, so the god of the five-element man must be burned and then mentioned in turn. Nowadays, many families often replace tablets with altar images or portrait figurines.

According to Feng Shui, to arrange the objects of worship on the altar, it is necessary to have all the five elements (Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth), and not favor any one material to maintain balance and harmony. When placing tablets on the altar, attention should be paid to the following two matters:

  • For newlyweds, they usually worship only their ancestors, so the tablet will be placed in the center.
  • If several people worship according to the family arrangement, the arrangement of the tablets on the ancestral altar will follow the pre-existing rules, so that rule should be maintained. Man left (left) – woman right (right), respectively, looking at the altar from the outside, the man is on the right, the woman is on the left.
  • Take care when placing wooden planks on the altar

    Some precautions while keeping wooden planks while performing puja are as follows:

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  • The altar tablet may be placed separately or in the altar itself. However, the most suitable place to keep the tablet is in front of the house, right in front of the street. If you live in a bunkhouse, you should place the tablet on the highest position.
  • Avoid keeping the tablet near the kitchen or bathroom. This helps to avoid violating and affecting the aura of the tablet.
  • If the tablet is placed directly on a door or path, the homeowner will not receive luck and fortune, and may even bring disaster to the home.
  • Avoid placing the tablet in front of a reflective surface such as a mirror or aquarium. This may be adverse to the energy of the tablet.
  • Avoid placing tablets under horizontal beams on the ceiling to avoid creating crowding and heaviness in the house.
  • To ensure the sanctity and solemnity of the place of worship, equipment like television, computers, speakers, etc. should not be kept under the altar.
  • Where is a good place to ask for an altar to Earth, the God of Wealth?

    There are many places selling it these days Gun ShotHowever, in order for the puja to be convenient and not violate taboos, you should choose a reputable address to request for the tablet. If you are wondering whether to choose a good place to buy religious tablets, you can refer to Buddhist Supply – an e-commerce site that specializes in providing quality tablets. This space will help you create a sacred Feng Shui worship space.

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