Ancestor Tablets: The Meaning of Tablets and How to Make Them in the Spirit of Buddhism Ancestor Tablets are one of the most important and…

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Ancestor plaque is one of the important worship objects and has sacred meaning in the cultural tradition of Vietnamese people. It is used to record information about names, dates of birth and dates of death of deceased family members.

What is an ancestral pill?

ancestor pills This is the place where the spirits of the ancestors come to reside every time the descendants worship (this could be the first day, full moon day or death anniversary). So this is not just any ordinary puja material A place to remember and express reverence for ancestors.

Ancestor altar tablets are often placed in important places in the home, such as the altar room or traditional family home, to honor and show respect for ancestors and family traditions.

According to the cultural and religious traditions of the Vietnamese people, the family altar is the sacred place that requires the most decoration in the home. It is considered the home of ancestors and gods. Also, we always believe that “the earth is as good as the underworld”, so if the ancestral altar is complete, clean and dignified, only then will our descendants be able to receive the blessings of the elders and a fulfilling life. good health.

Meaning of ancestral tablets in worship

Ancestor plates are essential and meaningful worship material.Ancestor altar plates are used to record the names, years of birth, and death of deceased family members.

Ancestor tablets in worship have extremely important meaning in Eastern tradition and culture in general and in Vietnam in particular. Some of the main meanings of ancestral tablets are given below:

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  • Honoring Ancestors: Ancestor tablets are a way to honor and pay tribute to ancestors who have left a legacy and greatly influenced the current life of the family. People show respect and gratitude to their ancestors through worship and offering of ancestral tablets.
  • Generational Connections: Ancestor tablets play an important role in maintaining connections between generations in a family. It creates a strong bond between ancestors, living people and future generations, creating a special contact and bond.
  • Peace and Good Luck: Worshiping and displaying ancestral tablets is considered a form of prayer and is expected to bring peace and good luck to the family. It is believed that worshiping and honoring ancestors brings protection and blessings from the ancestors, which brings happiness and success in life.
  • Preserving family traditions: Ancestor plates are an important part of family and religious traditions. It helps in maintaining and preserving family values, rules and traditions across generations. Holding a ceremony to worship and honor ancestors through ancestral plaques is a way of expressing and preserving the cultural and religious heritage of the family.
  • In short, ancestral tablets in puja have deep meaning in honoring ancestors, maintaining family bonds, wishing for peace and fortune, and preserving family traditions. It plays an important role in creating and maintaining family cultural and religious ties between generations.

    How to Make an Ancestral Plaque in the Spirit of Buddhism

    Worshiping ancestors is a good custom of Vietnamese people. The ancestral altar symbolizes the origin of blood, the roots of trees, the source of water, the ancestors of people. Worshiping ancestors to express filial piety, express gratitude, and desire to repay deep gratitude has molded and shaped the Buddhists’ valuable filial piety tradition.

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    From these meanings, we understand that setting the ancestral table is necessary and important as it is an act of filial piety, showing gratitude and repaying the profound nurturing qualities of our grandparents and ancestors. angel.

    According to Buddhism, in addition to making tablets, to help pass on merits to the ancestors, children and grandchildren should sing loudly and make a resolution to do all good deeds within their capacity. Buddhism encourages performing virtuous deeds to dedicate to deceased relatives. No matter where they are reborn, they will still receive merit because of their descendants. Therefore, Buddhists do not pay much attention to feasts and full plates of lavish feasts on memorial days and death anniversaries, but mainly to cultivate merit to dedicate and pass on filial piety to the next person.

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