Allah loves to hear your Du’a!

Allah loves to hear your Du'a!

Ofa is the most powerful tool that believers Muslim Have Wellbut it’s one of those acts saw Worship is the most misunderstood.

Sometimes we are hungry for an answer and we cannot know how and when the answer will come. after we have supplication, ask Allah.

Darling Messenger of Allah my has told us three ways in which Allah will respond to our Du’a, He said:

“Actually” keep which muslim du’a call allah in when and no crime too of course cut off their relationship goods, insurance To the willpower prohibition let me follow one of three shape: He will answer his prayer quickly, He will keep it for himself in the Hereafter, or He will expel the same evil from him.” (Musnad Ahmad)

So when we ask Du’a from Allah, let us know that Allah will answer our Du’a in three ways, one is that Allah will give us immediately, the other is that Allah will erase equivalent calamities, and third, Allah will withhold what we ask for. our merit and blessing in the Hereafter. And the third way is the best for us, but most of the time we just wish that Allah will answer our Du’a in the first way, we hope that Allah will answer our Du’a quickly, and even sometimes we complain when it is done. delay in responding. a certain time or time, or he gives us something we did not expect.

Allah teaches us the lesson of Du’a through the story of the migration of the Prophet Muhammad my to Medina and how the children of Israel received him.

In Medina, there was a group of descendants of Israel who had settled there, waiting for the arrival of a Prophet, a coming Rasul. They migrated to this site, knowing that Allah would send revelation to this area as described in his scriptures. They hope that Allah will raise up a Prophet, a Rasul from the children of Israel. They believe that they are the chosen people of Allah just as they were.

In Medina, people often fought wars before the Prophet Muhammad. my appear. The religion of the two main tribes Aws and Khazraj is polytheistic. The descendants of Israel lived among them and constantly asked Allah to send them revelation. They await that revelation and the coming of the expected Prophet.

When the prophet Muhammad my He came to Medina, and brought revelation, and it fit the description of the Prophet that was told in the scriptures of the children of Israel, but they rejected him because He my they are arabs.

It was the people they faced who accepted the Prophet Muhammad. my and become his followers. The du’a of the descendants of Israel were answered by Allah but not in the way they expected. On this, Allah, the Most High and Almighty, says:

{And when there was a Book (the Quran) that Allah sent them to confirm what was in them (in the Tawrah and the Injil), and before that they had always hoped to win over the disbelievers. When a Prophet is sent) . However, when what they admit comes to them, they deny and deny. Therefore, Allah curses the disbelievers.} (Chapter 2 – Al-Baqarah, verse 89)

To the The Supreme and Almighty said that He gave below The Qur’an confirms what you grandson of israel already in his writings. hDu’a cried to him give them something to use against the polytheists in Medina. And then when it came to them, what did they do? They rejected and covered get it. then allah curses curse them as punishment.

Prayer Awful This teaches us many lessons as we found out on the Quranic Journey, but here they are Only me focus on the main lessonthere Be the son of Israel has Du’a pray to Allah, they Du‘a call to Allah something they want And when that Du’a of theirs was finally reciprocated, Allah Almighty and Almighty responded to their Du’a in the best way for that time, but it was reciprocated in a way that they did not expect. . Since it was not the answer they wanted, they rejected it, even though they knew that this was Allah’s answer to his Du’a.

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This is what many Muslims see in them today. They pray Du’a to Allah and when Allah responds to his Du’a by giving them something different from what they expected, or gives them an alternative, we find them ungrateful and complain and in the end they even despise the blessings. of Allah granted them. They turn their backs on the blessing of Allah and behave as if they received no blessing from Him.

Through the verse, Allah teaches us a lesson by telling us the story of the descendants of Israel and what they did when their Du’a was answered. Allah does not tell us about any past history except that He wants to teach us a lesson to save us from falling into the same situation.

A person who has true faith in Allah, once Allah does not answer the supplication as he himself expected, he will always tell himself that maybe what he expected is not good or maybe Allah sees that something is not right.

In fact, sometimes we can’t see the good things in front of our eyes.

If you believe in Allah, you must understand the nature of Du’a and how Allah responds to Du’a.

The first thing you should know is that God always wants the good for you and He will give you what He considers best for you according to His transcendent wisdom.

The second thing you have to understand is that Allah does not only answer your Du’a to what you call and pray, but He answers your Du’a with what you need, because there are things, things that you want but don’t really need.

You should know that when you do Du’a something is harmful to you and you don’t know it, with the mercy of Allah He will not give you what you expect but He will give you something better.

If your Du’a gives something and it doesn’t reach you immediately then be patient, don’t let Shaytan make you believe that Allah will not respond to your Du’a. So you need to have positive thoughts, believe and hope in Allah, Allah will give you what you expect but according to his wisdom and mercy.

Sometimes we have negative thoughts “maybe we are not good enough”, and then we start having negative thoughts about Allah that Allah has not answered our Du’a, He has answered. Someone else’s du’a. These thoughts are common to many of us. So if you really believe in Allah, have good thoughts about Allah, especially good expectations from Him, you will always get what you expect in life and in death.

Now see how Allah responds to your Du’a.

Your Du’a you ask Allah for something and He gives it to you immediately, you realize His favor and you are grateful to Him, it is wonderful.

Your Du’a you ask Allah for something and He takes time to give it to you. Don’t despair, be patient.

Allah does this because he likes to bring you closer. Sometimes we get desperate for something and we become vulnerable. At that moment, you begin to seriously turn towards Allah. You become more sincere, you focus more on your worship and especially on your Du’a. You start looking at the sins you commit because you know that the sin will prevent the blessings of Allah. Do you see what is happening here? You are getting closer to Allah through your desperate need for Him. Only Allah can help you.

Maybe someone said that I hate being dependent on others and I don’t like to ask for anything, when I’m desperate, I don’t want to show it.

This is normal human behavior towards humans. But when it comes to Allah Almighty, Almighty and Merciful, you should not hesitate to express your intense longing for Him, because only Allah can truly give you what you want, forces you to reveal your weaknesses and admit your flaws.

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Allah takes time to respond to your Du’a because he sees it as the best for you. The best thing in life is having the most wonderful relationship with the One who created you. That is what will bring you true happiness, not the things we often think about.

That is the first way Allah responds to your Du’a.

The second way that Allah responds to your Du’a is that He will not give you what your Du’a asks for, but He will remove a calamity from you. You know, each of us is ordained by Allah and predestined good and bad things, good and bad things, called predestination. At some point, your Du’a asks Allah for a request, Allah wants to give it to you, but at that time there is a calamity that He has arranged for you according to his predestination and it must happen to you, outside of you. compassion for you, He exchanged what your Du’a asked of Him with His removal of calamity for you. And know that it’s better for you to avoid disaster than to get something you want.

The third way Allah responds to your Du’a is that He will not give you what you ask for, but He will leave you and give you something better in the Hereafter. And this is the best way to answer Du’a for us, but most of us are not very enthusiastic about this answer from Allah, because we like what we have in front of us.

Sometimes, due to Allah’s wisdom and wisdom, He will not give us what we ask for in Du’a, and Muslims must firmly believe that there is always wisdom behind God’s decisions. Some people sometimes take years to realize that God has saved them from a terrible fate.

As such, it is clear that none of your Du’a will go unanswered by Allah unless it is something Haram or you are committing a sin and have not yet repented to Allah.

Let’s keep in mind the lesson of the history of the descendants of Israel told earlier. If what we receive in life is not what we expected, do not refuse any blessing, do not be ungrateful with any response from Allah to his Du’a. When we make Du’a, let us have good expectations of what we will receive from Allah and whenever it comes to us, in whatever form, let us accept it and understand that this must be good for us.

Allah made you and expects you to be the best in Him, don’t let Shaytan make you think you are not good enough, don’t listen to Shaytan’s whispers that make you have bad thoughts about Allah. Shaytan will try to make you think that Allah is not with you, Allah is not protecting you and Allah is not giving you. If you sincerely look at your life, you only look at the past of your life, you look at all the good things in your life, then you will see that God is always there for you.

You must understand that your Du’a invoking Allah does not only mean that you want His blessings, not only for the purpose of Allah giving you what you want, what you need, but you must understand that Allah loves to listen. to the Du’a of him. There is a beautiful saying from Ata’ which says that whenever Allah allows your tongue to du’a, whenever Allah allows your tongue to work, whenever Allah allows your tongue to ask and supplicate, you should know that Allah wants to give you something, because Allah will not do it. he allows you to perform that Du’a unless He wishes to respond to that Du’a, and Du’a is the greatest gift. Allah loves to hear it and you get closer to Allah as a result of it.

{And when MY servants ask you (Muhammad) about ME, tell them we are truly close, and we always answer the prayers of those who ask ME.}(Chapter 2 – Al-Baqarah, verse 186)

So when Du‘a plea Allah, He is close to you. That is the first gift, and the second gift is that He answers the cry bridge your life in the way that is right for you, in the way that works best for you, in the way that is good for your life live this yours and for life Your future in the afterlife.

Therefore, do not stop asking for Du’a from Allah, let Du’a pray to him like a child who does not stop asking, because He loves to hear your Du’a and He likes you to stay connected with Him.