According to the Vietnamese people’s tradition of “drink water, remember the source”, how to make a pill to worship ancestors…

Bài Vị Sơn Vàng Bằng Gỗ Hương

According to the Vietnamese tradition of “remember the source of water when drinking it”, ancestor worship should be done respectfully and seriously. Therefore, the article below will tell you the most accurate way to set up a family altar to ensure peace, good fortune and tranquility in your family.

How to Make the Most Accurate Ancestral Altar Tablet

ancestor altar tabletSample ancestral altar tablets on Buddhist objects

How to choose tablet material and size

When choosing material and size ancestor altar tablet, you should consider cultural, traditional and spatial factors in your family. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right material and size:

  • Ancestor altar tablets can be made from wood or bronze…the choice of tablet material depends on the needs of the homeowner.
  • About the Shape of Ancestral Tablets: The shape of ancestral tablets is often chosen to bring good luck and fortune to the homeowner. According to Feng Shui concepts, some common sizes for making a Kitchen God tablet are: height 38 cm – width 17 cm, height 41 cm – width 18 cm, or height 61 cm – width 21 cm…

Contents that should be included in an ancestral altar tablet

The tablet is written in Han Nam from right to left, top to bottom. In the center of the plaque is the name of the person being worshipped, with the role or year of birth and death of that person written on either side.

The role of the deceased is recorded in the middle row. For example, father should be written as “hien kha”, grandfather as “to kha”, great-grandmother as “tang to sister”, and great-grandfather as “gao to kha”. Next, the title, if any, will be entered; This is followed by the full name of the person worshiped, including first name or forename, given name, surname and posthumous name, if any. The year of birth and death of the deceased is usually recorded on both sides of the tablet.

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It is a traditional and respectful way to remember one’s ancestors and show the family’s respect for them, creating a sacred and important place in ancestor worship.

Writing on ancestral altar plaque

The tablet requires the digits to meet the following conditions: the sum of the digits is divisible by 4 or when divided by 4 the remainder is 3, the counting order must not contain a remainder of 1 or a remainder of 2. Shaitan – Khok – Linh – Shravan. If the man has to choose the word soul, and the woman has to choose the word hearing.

Pay attention to writing down the worship roles of family members and clans on the ancestral altar. For example, if A is the worshipper, then A will worship 4 generations including parents, grandparents, great-grandfather, great-grandfather and the tablet will also be kept for 4 generations. However, when A dies and A’s child B remains the worshipper, then B is allowed to worship his parents (instead of A), grandparents (instead of his parents), and great-grandfather Instead of ), the great-grandparents’ tablets must be renewed. (instead of great-grandparents). Therefore, it is not recommended to write roles and responsibilities on the new tablet, the worshiper himself knows the role of that tablet.

The tablet is kept by the owner for 5 generations from worshiping at the altar (the five great apricot deities). In the 6th generation, it will be burnt or consecrated in the family temple for community worship.

Things to keep in mind when making ancestral altar tablets

gold colored incense sticksSample of “Golden painted tablet made of incense wood” on Buddhist objects

The objects of worship on the altar should be decorated with all the five elements (Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth). Avoid having too many items of the same material to avoid losing the balance and harmony of Feng Shui.

Tablets are a traditional ritual in the worship of ancestors, and the way they are made and arranged on the altar is very important. Depending on the case of puja, we have two situations worth noting:

Case 1: For newlyweds, they usually worship their ancestors only at the altar. Therefore, the tablet will be placed in the middle of the altar.

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Case 2: If several people worship according to generations, the arrangement of photographs on the ancestral altar will follow the traditional rules: male left (left) – female right (right). Accordingly, when viewing the altar from the outside the male image would be on the right, the female image on the left.

To make the puja room harmonious, choose the sizes of agarbatti, altar, altar throne, altar altar, altar photo, CNC partition, smoke shield, altar room lamp… to suit and harmonize the altar room. Together. Focus on creating a sacred and solemn space for worship, respecting traditional rules, remembering ancestors, and showing respect for them.

Some taboos while keeping ancestral tablets:

When placing tablets on the family altar, absolutely avoid placing them near the bathroom or kitchen. If the tablet is situated on the straight path then not only will you not get luck and fortune, but the homeowner may also face disasters and bad consequences in the family.

Be careful and avoid placing the tablet in front of reflective surfaces such as mirrors or aquariums. You should also not place appliances like radio, speakers, television, computer directly below the tablet to avoid spoiling the feng shui area.

Placing a tablet just below the horizontal beam on the ceiling can also create heaviness and stuffiness, which is not good for a puja space.

In Vietnamese beliefs, ancestors and gods are always considered honored guests, so give priority to the ancestral altar first. If a family worships at the same altar, the ancestral tablets should be placed on the right, and the divine tablets should be placed on the left. Doing otherwise can have serious consequences.

Where is a good place to buy Ancestral Altar Tablets?

ancestor pills Holds extremely important meaning for every family. We always believe that, when our ancestors bless us, the fire always burns in the kitchen, and the family enjoys a prosperous, peaceful and blessed life. Although there are currently many places that sell ancestral tablets, to facilitate worship and avoid violating taboos, you should choose a reputable address to place a request for ancestral tablets. If you are wondering and don’t know how to choose a good place to buy a tablet, you can refer to Buddhist objects – An e-commerce site that specializes in providing quality ancestral tablets. Here, you will have a sacred ancestral worship space as per Feng Shui.

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