A reminder of God’s presence

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Heaven: a wonder of nature, a gift from God

For decades, we have witnessed the sky as an unshakable ceiling. Not a single pillar to support and not a single hole in this ceiling, which requires any kind of repair. What an excellent example of craftsmanship is the artist who has put up this roof, which makes life on earth possible.

Sun: manifestation of God’s art in nature

Apart from the sky, the sun is a prominent feature in nature. He shows incredible levels of discipline by never being early or late. Throughout human history, there has not been a reported day when the sun was early or late. Have you reflected on your source of discipline and unwavering performance? How does this diverse ball of energies stay cohesive and consistently perform its functions without fail?

His dominance in our daily lives has been unquestionable. We need the sun and life on earth is not possible without it.

The sun: source of life and mystery

The great dependence of human existence on the sun is unquestionable. No wonder the human race has witnessed some people in history who were so impressed by the greatness of the sun that they ended up worshiping it or at least making the sun part of their belief system. This can be seen in ancient Egyptian religions, various tribes in Northern Nigeria, and specific tribes in East Africa. However, questions remain: Who created the sun? How did it come into existence? Numerous theories try to provide answers, but humanity remains dissatisfied with the origins of this celestial body.

Some might even try to answer such questions by citing the elements that make up the sun.

But have you ever wondered why this composition? Why not other elements or energies in some other quantity or color? Only the Creator can answer such questions.

Coincidence or Caused by an Uncaused Cause?

Similar questions arise when we try to get to the origin of nature and everything in it, from the moon to the stars, rivers and mountains. When exactly were they made? Who made them? Why are they made in the shapes, sizes, and nature with which we now know them, and why not otherwise? And if there were any other possibilities where rivers or mountains could have been created, what could those possibilities have been?

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The human mind can rationally think of three possible ways to arrive at some answer to such questions. Could be:

  • Nature and its elements such as the sun, rivers, etc. appeared without any cause, out of nowhere
  • People created nature and its components, or
  • Nature must have been created by someone.
  • The problem of nothing: why something must exist

    Let’s take every possible option under discussion. Our daily life is a clear example that affirms that things cannot be without some cause. Or something cannot come out of nothing. For example, imagine that you are in a room with locked doors and windows, with no hidden passages. There is absolutely no chance of anyone getting in or you getting out. After falling asleep for a while, he wakes up to discover a delicious chocolate cake on the table.

    The initial question that arises is how did the cake end up here? Who could have brought it? Naturally, you would examine the doors and windows, looking for any evidence, such as footprints or markings, that might shed light on the presence of the cake in the room. Unfortunately, no evidence is found. Consequently, you may find yourself contemplating the idea that the cake simply materialized out of nowhere and randomly appeared in your room.

    The improbability of the spontaneous creation of the universe

    Similarly, if I tell you that the sun, sky, moon, all the stars, rivers, and oceans appeared out of nowhere and took their positions on this earth on their own, how logical and reasonable does this statement sound? ?

    If we reject the first option that the universe appeared without any cause or origin, then we consider the second option which suggests that people created themselves or somehow played a role in the creation process. However, this argument seems pretty silly as it goes beyond human capabilities to create celestial bodies like stars, rivers, the moon, or the sun.

    The cause without a cause: the logic of the argument for the existence of God

    This brings us to the last option, that the universe must have been created by someone.

    And that could only be God himself because only He could be the cause without a cause.

    The following excerpt is taken from Ismail Latif Hacinebioglu’s book God exists in which you have summarized the logic of the argument into the following steps:

  • Everything in the universe that has a beginning must have a starting point.
  • The universe began to exist.
  • Consequently, the beginning of the existence of the universe must have been caused by something
  • The only cause of this type must be a cause without a cause or simply, God
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    This way of thinking is capable of answering how God himself can only be the cause of nature and how nature is proof of God’s existence.

    A conscious look at what we see every day

    Think about this; a little seed is engraved under the earth, and gradually develops into a plant, and then finally into a tree, and also of a particular kind. Apples, mangoes, tomatoes, oranges, etc. all have their seeds as a starting point. But have you ever wondered about the origin of the seed? Who designed these seeds? Each seed gives you a different fruit with a different taste, color, smell and texture! Are not these signs enough for humanity to understand that there is a higher authority that is not only directing all of nature, but also has all its attention in such microscopic details?

    The oceans: a window into God’s creation

    The oceans and seas are also a great sign and act as evident proof of the existence of God. The amount of water, the different types of fish and species that live in it, and the way in which these oceans and seas act as a source of resources for the human being, make one wonder who came up with this idea of ​​placing these oceans with such depth and volume. on earth in different places?!! All these signs are pointing us towards the artist, the true creator, who has made nature around us shine so that those who want to know him can be easily guided.

    The Qur’an quotes the story of the prophet Ibrahimwhere he found God through nature.

    The Qur’an says:

    “We also showed Abraham the wonders of the heavens and the earth, so that he would be sure in the faith. When he darkened the night, he saw a star and said: “This is my Lord!” But when he got on, he said, “I don’t love things that get on.” So when he saw the moon rise, he said, “This is my Lord!” But when he disappeared, he said: “If my Lord does not guide me, I will certainly be one of the lost ones.” Then, when he saw the sun shine, he said: “This must be my Lord, he is the greatest!” But again when he got on, he declared: “O my people! I totally reject anything you associate ˹with Allah in worship˺. I have turned my face towards Him who has originated the heavens and the earth, being upright, and I am not one of the polytheists.”

    History clearly tells us that if someone really wants to reach God through his signs, he will reach it. As the Arabs say; “He who truly seeks, he finds” (man talab, faqad, wajad).

    Therefore, the creator has left signs for us to follow and meditate on. So that we come to Him with sincerity.

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